Our offer: pure Renting model with a 4 years contract (Full price with promotion up to 10% discount from 10 units order at a time) including:


  1. City Screening

  2. Equipments delivery

  3. Equipment spare part delivery in case something breaks

  4. Local Promotion through digital media

  5. Continuous App development for motivation, personalization & community

  6. Bi-yearly/yearly reports on equipment/app utilization.

After the 4 years contract, the client can renew for 4 additional years and choose to:

  1. Keep the existing equipment at a discounted renting price (25 to 50% discount on the full price)

  2. Buy additional branding new equipments (including innovation) at a full renting price.

  3. (if not far away we have old equipment available and they do not want to add new full priced equipment, we can offer them the old versions for the discounted price.)

  4. Additional cases if the client wants to:

  5. Exchange its old equipments with new equipments.

  6. Stop a contract and not go further with our service.

In that two last cases, we will either (below list sorted in priority order):

  1. Give the equipment to charity for free locally

  2. Send the equipment to another municipality who wants additional "old" model (discounted price)

  3. Sell it at a discounted price to private customers locally.

  4. Sell it to a recycling company

UAPE health on the go

from € 25 000 / unit

*Direct Sale includes:

  • UAPE Box delivery

  • UAPE App available for your organization (guided training & community)

  • One hour city screening & localisation recommendation

  • Constant Innovation & Improvement (App)

* excl. VAT