Urban Parks, your new Oasis

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

A healthy city is a green city, and here is why.

More than a trend, it is a fact, 55% of the population live in urban area today. That being said, this percentage is expected to increase to 68% by 2050. It is no doubt that our cities are facing very important challenges.

The cities are therefore constantly increasing their capacity in terms of housing either by optimising the existing cities or by expanding even more. While doing so, they have to respond to basic and less basic needs for the citizens by creating infrastructure to support a complete economy. That means schools, transportation, health care centers and business structure.

In the mean time, they also have to create a place where it is nice to live in. So the cities support in creating restaurants, shops & commercial centers, but also develop places of interests aiming at increasing social interactions and provide parks aiming at increasing mental health level.

There is good evidences that environments shape human behaviour and so neighbourhood green spaces contribute to well being and mental health. Their proximity engage in being more active and more social, decreasing stress levels and improving life quality.

Simple exposure to nature is beneficial for individuals emotion. In addition, physical activity practiced outdoor instead of indoor enhance attentional capacity and engage more easily on building new habits.

So next time you need some fresh air, have a walk in the park, think about your city and enjoy nature.

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