Outdoor Bodyweight exercise...Why?

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Did you know that bodyweight training is THE most efficient way to improve physical and mental health?

As any other type of exercise, bodyweight training is really good for your body. It will help you lose weight, build muscles, increase your energy and reduce your stress level.

Bodyweight exercise works your body in total harmony

For any bodyweight exercise you do, you will engage your full body to execute this specific movement which makes this training insanely efficient if you think about physical health as a whole.

While you can generate imbalances by working out on a training equipment, working on your bodyweight will also increase your coordination, your balance & your mobility and will have a positive impact on your way of moving in your day to day life.

Indoor training is good, Outdoor training is great!

The benefits of working out outside are countless. Your mood will rise up, your immune system will enhance, your vitamin D will stock up, your sleep will get better and your self confidence will stronger.

But it is also about experience. You will get to know your urban environment, get in touch with nature and connect with people from your neighbourhood.


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